While preparing for that TV commercial production on the way, there are a few things we do ensure all-round preparation.

A successful Ad Film Production Company is known for its series of successful TV commercial production.

To us, it isn’t about developing stylistic video concepts alone but making sure, we connect all the dots, and navigate through the roadblocks to create Ad Films that drive fantastic conversions for our clients.

Your ideal TV commercial must engage your ideal audience and leave your brand deeply entrenched in the hearts of potential clients.

So, what do we do to create a great TV commercial that is memorable, proactive, and effective? There are many steps involved, but we want to share insights on crucial aspects of our approach.

Therefore, the following are the key steps we take to overcome formidable hurdles and meet the needs of our client towards creating great TV commercial production.


Understand the Client’s Business

Every business has a unique identity and off-course challenges. Therefore, we take time to understand the intricacies of that business including how they make their money, their target demographic and business objectives.

We will take note of the client’s brand verbal and visual cues, logo, and all aspects of the product or service to be portrayed in the commercial.

We also thoroughly analyze how their target audience purchases to understand what would most appeal to their target customers.


Evaluate their Social Media Accounts

Though the website can provide insights into how our clients operate, we want to understand how they interact with their existing customers.

Therefore, we deep dive into their social media accounts to understand their previous Ad Films, alongside the tone and feel of their brand.

That way, we can understand where they want to go and what we can do to take them there. By checking their accounts, we can also avoid pitching an idea they’ve already used in the past. In addition, we can also tell how far we could go with a dose of humor or satire to spark interests in the hearts of our client’s target demographic


Build a Sound File

The cliché about music being the food for the soul is entirely true for everything including TV commercial productions.

Therefore, we will carefully weave through notable musical tracks to create the ideal music playlist that aligns with the mood and feels we want to create. This playlist would serve as the basis for our selections when it’s time to edit and add the sound effects. However, we may also use the playlists as preps before each shoot to set the correct mode for each occasion.


Reference Commercials

Regardless of how complex your ideas for the Ad Film, we will also provide reference commercials to help align the vision of our client. These reference commercials will illustrate the tone, feel and image of the client’s goal and ensure that every party begins shooting without confusion about scenes.

Our reference commercials can be anything from an unrelated image to a commercial we’ve handled in the past or even a scene from a movie. With these reference commercials, we will equally help you modify our ideas where necessary.


Inspirational Photography

To us, a simple capture of one moment has dynamic positioning and each has a different story to add.

Through photography, we help the client fully understand the message, tone, and mood we are trying to achieve. Photography can also inspire the wardrobe, props, and locations for each scene we wish to create.

Overall, we go to excruciating lengths to make all necessary preparations to make a great TV commercial production.